Our Clients
Future Watch specialises in serving international companies in Switzerland who believe that high quality professionals are the building blocks for the future. Our Clients include leading financial and banking institutions as well as a range of blue-chip multi-national  employers in other sectors.

How We Work
We are flexible in our sourcing methods and offerings - Once we have a thorough understanding of our client's needs, we will recommend one, or a combination of, the following talent acquisition strategies:

Candidate Database Due to our extensive database, we have a readily available pool of high-calibre global talent, covering qualified professionals at various career levels.

Advertising Drawing on our extensive knowledge of international, traditional and especially new media, we are able to maximise the coverage and cost-effectiveness of recruitment advertising.

Executive Search Using our research network, we directly approach individuals and assess their level of suitability and interest in the roles. We now include online professional networking, advanced search-engine techniques and online community discussion forums as part of our search methodology.

The right people in your company today will ensure your success tomorrow.

From support staff to senior executives  -  we're looking out for your future

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